Takkure is a board game with a cyberpunk aesthetic, based on the rules of rugby. A fast, dynamic and fun game. Enter this universe and discover the game and its community. Sign up for find games both live and online and enjoy the best game based on rugby.

A life or death match

Delve into the wildest rugby

With four players per team, it draws millions of viewers and generates rich revenue especially in glittering Chrome City.Bloody, immoral, and fucking funny.

Takkure is a way of dealing with alienation with more alienation. Pure opium, sleep the conscience. Or at least, it was born that way. Because at the same time and with the passing of time, it has become a protest space. A very powerful amplifier that the dispossessed can use, those of us who are never listened to. Those of us who compete with our teams with hardly any implants, sensory reprogramming or pharmacological engineering.

A place where we can make ourselves visible with high definition punches and, hopefully, serious injuries with live diagnostic simulation to a few bastards promoted by the elites.

The teams

Yamato is the name adopted by the Takkure team that has the Yakuza herself as a sponsor. Yes, you heard right, the Yakuza. One might expect that the Megalopolises erected by the Triad were not the place for the old mafias, even less for a criminal organization with such a markedly nationalistic character. But it’s not like that.
The Yakuza, the most feared mafia in the land of the rising sun, had no trouble adapting and surviving in this new environment. Although for this he had to “diversify” his activity.
And what does the Yamato team paint in all this? Well, the Yakuza needs a whole series of legal businesses to launder its profits, a team from Takkure is an excellent investment for that purpose. Not only that, as the spotlight shifts to his team’s track record, they shift away from their illicit activities, which may continue to remain in the dark.
A round business.

The Teriomorphs are the quintessential Takkure team. It has the most reliable sponsors, the most advanced cybernetic implants, sensory improvements that are far from being within the reach of any other team. In other words, they are the fucking jet set.
The Teriomorph players have become stars like no other. They monopolize the spotlight and publicity, are idolized by children and appear in all kinds of merchandising products. But if you ask me, I think it’s all pure marketing. Beneath these iconic characters there is only a shortcut of assholes who have agreed, I suppose in exchange for an immoral amount of money, to third parties making their lives little less than a movie script.
Adrenaline is everything to the Dorikin. More speed, more excitement, more risk… they revere the spectacle of a long and strident skid, the rubbing of the elbows on the asphalt or launching your moto-drone in a curve with an impossible angle above all else. The faster and more spectacular, the better.
But these kids come from a poor and oppressed background. They must look for life to finance better motors, suspensions and even neural accelerators that increase their reflexes. They use all kinds of illegal subterfuges to obtain financing. Let’s say that the most common ways are non-legal. And in rare exceptions if they start businesses or seek a legal way to earn a living.
So are the Dorikin.
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