Nemesis is a combat game with miniatures set in the magical world of Miter, a place where ancient races clash in an acient war. In it, you take control of a force composed of small specilist warriors units and their heroic leaders in an agile, dynamic and high content tactical fighting.

Road to the Kingdom of God

Meet the world of Miter

Cult of the Thousand Faces, descendants of those who were exiled by Janos. They are huge and bloodthirsty beings that implant into themselves and pray to small stone faces…

The other side there are the Notalive, imperfect and sinful creations of the ancient Serifans, those beings from other world that wanted to steal from God his power to infuse life, and that is why they were damned…

The Notalive try to imitate us and hat is why they dress up like us and try to establish a parody of our noble society in the ruins of what once was the dwelling of the Serifan, the remains of the Sajarmoe tower…

And the Orphans and their home, Arbonte, the Living Forest, infant spirits of wars passed that…

The Clans

There is nothing remarkable, they are ordinary human beings: they walk upright, they have 4 extremities and 5 fingers at the end of each one of them and they do not seem especially suitable for any function, although they are extremely versatile. In fact, from my travels I can assure that they are able to adapt to practically any environment. They are basically the same in all regions of Míter. Their height, body size, skin tone, hair or eye color vary … superfluous details that do not alter their general appearance; a design that, in fact, is repeated by hundreds of worlds. Maybe there is more to them than I will ever see …

Orphans are ordinary Human children. They are dressed in rags, leaves and cut, whoosh and try to pretend that they are large insects, but all this is still a ruse to scare off the curious. Physically they are no different from any other youth in the God Realm. However, it is worth noting their apparent immortality, since they seem to be suspended in time. But this singular condition has no direct relationship with them or their physical or esoteric capacities and is due to an external element.

The Cult of a Thousand Faces is not a race unto itself, but an amalgamation of barbarian tribes with common ancestors and a simple goal: survival. Within this group of tribes we can find from muscular Humans of great size (around 2 m. High), to semi-human creatures, such as the Lion Men, passing through all the wild beasts that live with them. (Humanized beasts or bestial barbarians … that doesn’t matter). The only common physiognomic element of all the tribes of the Cult of the Thousand Faces are the rock flakes that are inserted into the body, supposedly to strengthen it.

By definition, a living being is born, grows, reproduces and dies. Well, even with all the Non-Living that I have been able to examine in my travels, I have only found one element common to all of them: none are alive. Some are capable of “infecting” their non-life to other beings, acting as a reproduction; Others can “die” if they keep away from the power of the Galgas, or if they suffer enough damage, but none of them is the possessor, even superficially, of all the qualities that distinguish living beings.

The Rocavivas are very similar to the Humans, but smaller in stature. However, her greyish skin and hair dyed with Greenish or bluish tones make them stand out much more than their small size (although it is precisely their size that they seem to give more importance to). His light-colored eyes seem adapted to the poor lighting of his environment (we’ll talk about this later). later). However, in daylight, they are milky white in color, as they are hidden behind a translucent membrane that protects them from direct light.

The Exiles form a varied group of children, adults and the elderly, who to the less experienced will seem like a simple group of travelers with their junk and trinkets in tow, but this apparent simplicity is a terrible secret, this erran town travels you from one place to another in a continuous search for knowledge and revenge. Their humble appearance should not confuse you as they are full of resources and do not hesitate to use any means to achieve their goal, protect Miter from the threat of Arbonte and free its inhabitants from the yoke of the Dreamweavers.
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