Kensei is our range of miniatures inspired by Japanese culture, a dynamic and agile game where the maneuvering of troops and the choice of combat is the key to the success of your army on the battlefield.

The archipelago bathed in light

The world of Himukai

Himukai is “the land bathed in light” whose destiny was ruled by the emperor or “Tenno”. This empire is located in the Ryunokani archipelago, made up of a series of isolated islands from the mainland called Ashihara. This has caused their culture to close in on itself conditioning their entire world.

The clans


The Kuge consider themselves the head of government. Together with the emperor, with whom they were related, they made the great decisions about the fate of the Empire. They had long dominated trade routes and diplomatic relations with faraway places, so that most of the large cities were under the rule of the Kuge families.


Buke have protected and cultivated the island lands for centuries, rendering vassalage to the emperor. They were considered the arms of the Empire; the force and the sword. Most of them were rural samurai, a class lower than the Kuge who despise them for it. While the emperor lived they considered themselves honored by the mere fact of being able to serve him, bound by his strict code of honor. But after his death they were taken aback. They are determined to start a new era in which the samurai rule the islands, a new order in which the emperor is a mere puppet wielded by the sheer strength of warriors.


The time of the samurai and the aristocracy is over and a new class emerges from the ashes of ancient clans that have disappeared because of the war. Many port cities have risen against their lords declaring their independence and that of the surrounding lands. These new regions are ruled by ancient Himukai merchant families who have taken advantage of the power vacuum created by the disappearance and weakening of many of the lords.

They consider themselves the heart of the empire. In the Dragon Islands the Sohei have always been a separate power, guarding their privileges against the Kuge and the Buke. For centuries they have trained warrior monks with whom they defended themselves from any intrusion that they considered contrary to their way of life or their morals.
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