Takkure is a sports tabletop game 1v1. An exciting and dynamic game that represents a sport similar to nowadays rugby, situated in a Manga/Cyberpunk universe.
In Takkure the players take the role of the coaches directing 4-member teams represented by high quality metal miniatures produced by Zenit Miniatures.
Tackles, Break through, clashes, passes… an spectacular game where both players stay constantly ‘in action’ due to its time system. A 46x68cm board perfect to be deployed anywhere and play comfortably. With a game length of 90 minutes for a whole game, without a moment to get bored.
In the box you will find everything needed to play Takkure:
– 4 miniatures of the Yamato team and their cards.
– 4 miniatures of the Teriomorphs team and their cards.
– Plays Card deck: 32 cards. 8 generic plays for each team, 8 plays for Yamato and 8 plays for Teriomorph.
– Board
– 2x coach dashboard
– Time dashboard
– 6x 12 sided dices (D12), 3 red and 3 yellow.
– Tokens
– Ruler and scatter template.


We’re Zenit Miniatures, Spanish company funded in 2006. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of white metal miniatures, of excellent quality and at a low price. In a very short time, we have specialized ourselfs in reproducing white metal miniatures, reaching a uniformity and quality parameter unknowed by an industry specialized in the plastic injection.

Currently, our brand, Zenit Miniatures, is practically known worldwide. It is, today, synonymous of quality, seriousness and responsability.

Knowing the product we make, we sell our miniatures on a very original presentation system with a support created by the company itself, which allowed us to open new markets.


Dedicated to the world of miniatures for more than 9 years, we reproduce miniatures in high quality white metal to this industry’s companies.


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