#YokaiQueststrikesback is Live! 🎉🎊
➡️ Early Bird 72 hours
➡️ New totally revised rulebook
➡️ More than 20 new scenarios and a narrative campaign (choose your own adventure style)
➡️ Kids Mode
➡️ More than 100 high quality miniatures
➡️ Including all extras from the first KS campaign
➡️ Delivery in 6 months (the games are already produced)
➡️ Limited units
➡️ The original backers can get a printed copy of the new revised rulebook (although it will available to download in pdf format for free)
Don’t doubt it! Dig into Yokai Quest strikes back and liberate the region of Tora from the evil Yokai. 🗡☠️

We’re Zenit Miniatures, Spanish company funded in 2006. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of white metal miniatures, of excellent quality and at a low price. In a very short time, we have specialized ourselfs in reproducing white metal miniatures, reaching a uniformity and quality parameter unknowed by an industry specialized in the plastic injection.

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Dedicated to the world of miniatures for more than 9 years, we reproduce miniatures in high quality white metal to this industry’s companies.


It is a combat game set in the magical world of Miter, a place where ancient races clash in an acient war.


A dynamic and agile game where maneuvering troops and selecting battles are your army’s keys to success on the battlefield, set in the Feudal Japan and in Japanese mythology.

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